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Hi there,

I hope you’re doing well.

One of the benefits of isolation for me is more time to work on whimsical musical projects. I make my living working on music but I don’t have free reign since I have to focus on work that provides me with an income! Since that possibility is on hold at the moment, I’ve found my mind wandering to other creative adventures. And they all seem to involve harmonies.

With two of my favourite harmony buddies in The Swell Sisters.

In the last few years I’ve done mostly ‘lead’ singing but there was a time I made most of my living singing backing vocals. Being that kind of supporting singer to artists higher up the food chain, has meant I have had the privilege to work on bigger and more prestigious stages than I might have under my own steam.

Experiences that really stand out are performing with Powderfinger at the Australian Record Industry Awards (ARIAs), a week long stint at Bali’s Hard Rock Cafe with Wendy Matthews and a few big concerts in front of Parliament House performing with a range of celebrity performers, playing to 30 thousand people as well as a televised audience. Such a thrill.

But what is best about singing backing vocals is the coming together of separate voices to create one new, beautiful unified sound. There’s nothing like it for me – when the pieces really lock in, I can feel the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

It got me thinking about the usual meaning of the word ‘harmony’ – “a state of peaceful existence and agreement”. That makes so much sense to me in the musical context too. I talk more about musical harmonies and have a bit of a play with my brand new ‘harmony singer’ pedal (TC Helicon) – harmony heaven! https://youtu.be/PPPRnzroJDc

If you’re a fan of harmonies too, please check out and subscribe to my channel, where you’ll see my ‘isolation creation’ projects featuring duets and acapella harmony tunes.

As usual, I always love seeing your comments so please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you feel like a chat or even a vent!

And may there be lots of the other kind of harmony in your life too :).

All the best,


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