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Hi there,

Hope you’re doing well. I’ve had a very busy week, with gigs here in Sydney starting to rush back in as our Covid numbers tumble. Seven gigs this week was very tiring but I’m finding it hard to say ‘No’ to shows after 2020’s enforced live music shutdown. It actually feels amazing to be back!

Most of the gigs I did this week were at Clubs – not the doof doof kind, but the type many Australians of all ages visit regularly…

Of course I’m talking about the RSL, a community club set up by the ‘Returned Services/Soldiers League’ to support war veterans. There are about 300 of these clubs around Australia and these, along with Bowling Clubs (Bowlos) and Leagues (Footy) Clubs provide a large percentage of live work for professional musicians. Many of them have fabulous auditoriums with great production and host a huge variety of live, regular events. What they also have is interesting carpets. 

One day, sitting around waiting for the drummer to check his kit at one such RSL Club, I happened to look down and really notice the pattern of the carpet. I took a photo and sent it off on Instagram, tagged #rslcarpet. I soon found out I wasn’t the only one who was a fan of what was happening under my feet at the local rissole. By the way, we Aussies call them ‘Rissoles’ because it is an entrenched part of our culture to call most people and things NOT by their official name (right Jacko? Red? Boofhead?).

This week we recognised Armistice/Remembrance Day so it seems appropriate to talk about our beloved RSL Clubs and the art you can experience beneath your feet when you visit one.

Every time I visit a club now I take a photo of the carpet and then share it on social media, to put a smile on your face and celebrate this uniquely Australian institution. And of course I am more grateful than ever to our Club Industry who have struggled through 2020 but are working extra hard to come back!

As well as the chat about RSLs in this week’s livestream I also play a preview video of my upcoming album Wallflower. Oh and please make sure you join the mailing list to get the exclusive free tracks. You can do that at this link:


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