Video Made the Radio Star

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Hi there,

Hope all is well in your part of the world. According to the media, we people in NSW are just hanging out here on the ‘knife edge’ – waiting to see if our handful of Covid cases will nudge us over to the dark side. I’m just going to keep looking straight ahead, hanging on to the music as my balancing stick.

I’ve spent an inordinate time on video-related activities in this new world of ours and I’m sure I’m not alone. Zoom anyone? I’ve upped the ante with my Facebook Live streams: every Tuesday at 11am and every Thursday at 7.30pm Sydney time (AEST). I WhatsApp my mates, even if they’re round the corner and I Skype my family. Not to mention the musical collaborations via video, editing all my own film clips (Man Who Fell to Earth is coming very soon!)…

What may have started off as a bit of a chore (oh the technology I’ve had to grapple with!) has turned into a lifeline and even a sanctuary. Even after our world bounces back, I can’t imagine calling my friends without pressing that video camera icon. Why wouldn’t I want to see their faces along with hearing them? Seeing their sleep-mussed hair, and letting them see the rollers in my hair will make us feel like part of each other’s worlds all the more.

I love it that some venues are incorporating livestreaming into their regular gig offerings too – let’s invite the world in because while it may be an overused expression nowadays, I do believe ‘we’re all in this together’ and I’m not just talking about the pandemic.

Here is my latest live Video Diary:

Anyway, love to you wherever you are and hope to see you over the wires soon,

All the best,


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