HUFFINGTONPOST.COM: “Easton’s voice is delightful: dulcet, crisp and entrancing….Her voice is unique…Easton’s voice is beguiling.”

1. [LIMITED EDITION] Polaroids & Postcards
LUXE PACKAGE: CD + Art Postcards

Deluxe Package includes CD plus Art Postcards

* POLAROIDS & POSTCARDS CD Personally autographed, beautiful gatefold eco-packaging, 12-page colour booklet, individually numbered, exclusive pin + bonus track.

High quality frameable, glossy photographic art postcards.

These limited edition booklets, pins and postcards will never be re-printed, so once 200 are sold, that’s it baby!

$US22.50 + postage & handling ($10.00).
TOTAL: $US32.50

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2. [LIMITED EDITION] Polaroids & Postcards
CD Only

Polaroids & Postcards Limited Edition CD

Personally autographed,
Beautiful gatefold
12-page colour booklet,
Individually numbered,
Exclusive pin
PLUS bonus track.

These limited edition
booklets and pins
will never be re-printed,
so once 200 are sold,
that’s it baby!

$US12.50 + postage & handling ($10.00).
TOTAL: $22.50

Amanda’s had Sold Out shows at the Sydney Opera House, Top 10 spots in the Australian Indie charts, and as one reviewer put it: “She takes you into that smoky club, complete with red velvet seats; she’s up on that stage and you’re hanging onto every word she sings.”

Not for Amanda the little-girl-lost vocals which many female singers use and she doesn’t need to shout and bawl to get her point across. Here is a singer who sounds Strong, Confident, Sassy, Sexy and In Control.”…Malcolm Carter, Pennyblack Music, Sweden.

3. Polaroids & Postcards
CD Only

CD and case

Beautiful gatefold

6 track mini album.

$US10.00 + postage & handling ($10.00).
TOTAL: $20.00

Moody and theatrical – a mix of of Ann Margret and Massive Attack.
Hear melancholy melodies sung by Amanda’s soaring voice,
telling old fashioned stories like a torch singer over post-modern beats.

And don’t forget the…LUXE PACKAGE: CD + Art Postcards
$US22.50 + postage & handing ($10.00).
TOTAL: $US32.50

So choose your package or buy the downloads from the player and discover why Huffington Post says: “Amanda Easton’s voice is beguiling”.

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