Wanna be a Singer? Read This First!

Amanda singing in front of band

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‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ ‘I want to be a singer in a band!’ An older, very experienced musician said to me recently that in ‘his day’ you had to have ‘a‘ band in order to work 5 nights a week, but that now you have to have 5 bands […]

Smaller the audience, the harder!

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Hi there, At first glance this might look like a blog bemoaning lack of audiences at live music nowadays. Fear not! That is a well-worn whinge and I’m going somewhere else.  I’ve been lucky enough from time-to time, to perform in front of big audiences. I think the largest was an Australia Day show in front […]

Why I’m OK with being a Dag

Amanda Easton in front of red velvet curtains

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Hi there, If you’re not from Australia I might need to explain ‘dag’. If you look in a dictionary, it will tell you it’s the dung-covered wool that hangs off a sheep’s bum. Yes I really did just say that and no, that’s not the kind of dag I am. A ‘dag’ is similar to […]

What I Learnt from a Stripper

Amanda Easton with a riding crop

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Hi there, Many moons ago, a few friends and I decided it would be a fabulous idea to check out the seedy delights of Kings Cross in Sydney. Our road trip through sleazy showrooms and seamy strip joints brought us to an esteemed establishment where we were ushered to seats with another dozen or so punters. […]

Just Wear the Friggin’ Hat!

Amanda Easton in a military hat

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Hi there, Have you watched the ‘Nashville’ TV Series? The portrayal of some of those music industry shenanigans are quite realistic I think. Anyway, I heard a story recently about an Australian Country Music star who was being groomed for US Stardom some time ago, but he was told he would have to wear the […]

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