Just a tease?

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Hi there,

In? Out? Safe? On the precipice? Who knows where we are at the moment?

After looking like we were through the worst of our Covid experience here in New South Wales, we are now teetering on the edge of a second wave…or not. I feel grateful that we are still in a better position than much of the world but I think we are all aware that that could change and quite quickly.

With frightening disease numbers coming out of our Southern sister state Victoria, we are in danger of going the same way. Or not! I guess we just need to hang out in Limbo until the cards fall either way.

So I thought I might escape to a place out of this world and back in time…Here is a quick preview of my latest music video for the song ‘Man Who Fell to Earth’, which incorporates vintage treasure ‘Warning from Space’ from the 1950s Japanese Sci-Fi vault.

All the best,


PS. I go ‘live’ on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/AmandaEaston every week, 11am Tuesdays and 7.30pm Thursdays (Sydney AEST) for a diary-style chat. I’m also about to schedule some music livestreams, so please stay tuned for details. And here is the latest live VLOG: https://youtu.be/IB7kl776lV0


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