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Hi there,

Hope all is as well as it can be, for you in this new world of ours 🙂

One thing I’m really enjoying – because I really am trying to appreciate what I have now and not focus on what I’ve lost or could lose – is talking to my friends! It means a layer of technology between us and no hugs, but it’s valuable time together nonetheless :). This is one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed doing my ‘Stage Stories’ interviews – everyone I interview is a successful professional muso, but also my friend and it’s amazing what you can learn about your friends just by asking!

After my usual catch-up video diary in this week’s ‘Circle of Light’ VLOG, I interview bass player Victor Rounds. He’s worked with the who’s who of the music industry in Australia (Renee Geyer, Jenny Morris, Marcia Hines and so many more) as well as internationals like Rick Astley, Boy George and The Monkees! A humble, inspiring man with some interesting rock and roll tales (I love the one about Paul McCartney). This interview was done back in February when we were allowed to be in the same room together.

So here is Episode 23 of the Vlog and the interview with Victor Rounds is at 12 minutes.

We’re all in this together, so please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you feel like a chat or even a vent!

All the best,


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