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Most have had to do it at least once – and I don’t think it’s ever fun! But yes folks, I’m moving to a new home on the web. I’ve already moved most of the important things but all the pictures haven’t been hung in the new place yet. And then there’s that drawer that has accumulated so much random stuff over the years…I’ll just be closing the doors on some of the new rooms for now! But seriously, a new album (‘Walllfower’ out now) is a good excuse for a new website. I hope you’ll pay me a visit and check out the show calendar, photo gallery and all sorts of audio and video goodies.

Sorry WordPress, but I will be very happy to leave you behind (another plugin broken, seriously?). I’m over at Bandzoogle nowadays which is a musician-specialist website provider. But really you don’t need to know all that, you just need to know where to visit, don’t you? Well I’m at www.amandaeaston.com and I hope you’ll pay me a visit and help me warm up my new house. This will be the last Blog I will do here at my WordPress site (www.amandaeastonmusic.com).

To make sure we can keep in touch, please join the mailing list at the new site. I’ve got to admit that the audio visual word has largely taken over from the written one for me nowadays. But as far as regular updates go, I do a LIVE (YouTube, Facebook and Twitch) weekly hour long video diary with all the rants (as well as live performances) that these blogs usually contain. But I will continue to do some written blurbs from time to time, so please keep an eye peeled.

In the meantime, you can check out last week’s live diary below.

There is an open invitation to visit my new home on the web, anytime! So please come in, admire the funny doormat and just step around those boxes for now – welcome!


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