I Hid my Old Self under the Floorboards

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Hi there,

I was with a group of neighbours at a friend’s house recently and everyone was playing around giving commands to his new voice activated assistant aka ‘Google Home’. One friend shouted out ‘Hey Google, play Amanda Easton’ and it dutifully did a search of Youtube and started playing one of my songs. Trouble is the song it chose to play was my first ever single, released in the Paleolithic era of my career. It certainly isn’t how I’d want people to be introduced to my music nowadays.

Gawky PreTeen Style

I’m not ashamed of my music from back then, but it certainly doesn’t represent me now. I like to think I have improved and developed over time and listening to my early recordings is a bit like looking at a lanky early teen with greasy hair and naive fashion choices. You know they’re going to be the same person when they’re an adult but by then they would have polished a few rough edges and become more comfortable in their own skin. 

The first music video I ever made was of course for that first single, ‘Celebrity’. You can check my ‘Celebrity’ film clip here but trouble is, this video is not actually the first one. The original one is literally hidden under the floorboards. 

Now I had a great time filming that first, (now secret) video. Friends lent their time as extras and helpers, loaned their expertise and equipment and I had such an exciting fulfilling day. The footage was edited together and we made a Multimedia CD Single which included the video. I think we manufactured 2000 of them. My manager at the time sent copies out to some industry contacts as well as some of the staff at the little record label I was signed to.

Quick, Hide it!

The response was not good. Everyone agreed that the video would do my burgeoning career a lot more harm than good – the production quality was too low, the styling was dated and the image was all wrong for me as an artist. And these were just some of the many sins this video had committed. I was too close to it at the time to see (I agree whole-heartedly in retrospect) but we went with the advice. The very old house I was living in at the time had loose floorboards that could be lifted to reveal a space beneath. That’s where those boxes of CD Singles went to die and I assume they are still there although I don’t know who owns the house nowadays!

The Internet is Forever

That first single was released in the pre-internet era. If I decided I didn’t want anyone seeing the work I created from just 5 or 10 years ago, it would be bad luck. We all know that once anything has even been on the interwebs, it’s there for all eternity. 

Did I do the right thing stashing the inexperienced, kinda embarassing version of me under the floordboards? Do you have anything you’d like to put there?

If you want to see a more recent me on celluloid, a more current creation, a song from my current Disco Disconnected mini-album – is here:

All the best,



  • Amanda Easton says:

    Hi Paul (and Simon),
    It was my pleasure to meet you at Belloccios – I had such a fun night, I hope I get to see you there again soon. Thank you for your kind words – I do agree that you have to accept what you’ve done in the past, there’s no changing it and it can lead to better things! I’m glad you enjoyed the single,
    All the best,

  • Paul and Simon says:

    Dont let it worry you, we learn by our mistakes. I have no idea of these videos under floor boards you refer but again, we all learn by our mistakes in life and it makes us better and then even better than better. Your performance last Thursday at Belloccio was amazing. Your style is so creative and variety of musical styles appears to redefine contemporary music which is astounding to Simon and I. We were really pleased that we were there that night to meet you and thank you for being so generous in swapping that CD for our email address. We liked the different styles on the one song “Falling In” rhthmically singing along with simply to a guitar backing then a what sounded like a gospel ultra modern creation on track 4 of that same song. Your pretty amazing, dont let anything worry you about past learnings. You are now on your way to success! Lots Of Love Paul and Simon Please confirm if not too much trouble you received our comment. Thanks again.

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