How Embarrassment!

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Hi there,

Hope you are doing OK in these strange times! We know music can lift us up when we’re feeling low. I’ve realised something else that works…other people’s embarrassing stories!

So, in the spirit of lifting yours, wanna check out the first song and video I ever released?! OK, it’s not that bad really, I just feel I’ve really moved on since then and looking back can sometimes be quite uncomfortable.

In this week’s Vlog I show you that first music video and talk about how it’s difficult to shake the initial perceptions people make of you…

But if I am embarrassed about that first release, you should see what it was meant to look like, because there was actually another, earlier, really mortifying version…Read this blog to find out what I’ve done with it:

Of course, we all have to start somewhere, don’t we? And looking back in embarrassment is a sure sign that you’ve had some growth and improvement. And…anything that makes us laugh these days has got to be a good thing!

All the best,


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