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Amanda Space Girl

Hi there,

Hope you’re doing well in these crazy times. I am very happy to report that the trickle of work is starting to flow a little stronger for me here in Sydney, Australia. As our Covid numbers decrease, gigs are coming back and I couldn’t be happier about that.

Now I absolutely love the work that I do, but it is still that…WORK. It requires tonnes of preparation, skill, dedication and well, all the things that many people’s careers require. So why do people insist on not taking it seriously and regard it as ‘less than’?

No doubt you’ve seen the UK government’s recent badly conceived ad campaign, designed to encourage creatives to retrain into IT jobs:

Yes we know the Arts have been hard hit recently and even at the best of times it provides a very unstable living. But if someone has decided that a career in music or dance or any kind of creative pursuit, is what they want, they need to be encouraged…because a world without art is beyond beige – just unthinkable! I’m sure I’m not the only one that has relied heavily on music, film and more to keep me buoyant in these strange times of ours.

I think a lot of people assume performers are naturally gregarious people that jump on a stage and have confidence in abundance but I know of some well known singers that vomit backstage with nerves before almost every time they perform. And even the most self-assured among us can lose our mojo in the face of criticism or lack of support.

I believe most of us are a mix of different personalities depending on the situation. I was definitely a Wallflower as a kid and that part of my character still rears her head in situations that intimidate me. During these pandemic times, I have often felt like someone inside (often literally) looking out at the world rather than being an active part of it. A lot of the songs on my upcoming album (called ‘Wallflower’) reflect this.

‘Wallflower’ is due out early 2021 but I am sharing some of the tracks with my loyal email subscribers. The first free track will be sent out in a couple of days, so please don’t be shy, and jump on the list at:

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the photoshoot for the new album art. You can hear one of the new songs on the soundtrack here too:

And you can watch the latest Vlog here, to hear the inspiration behind the new song, and more, at:

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  • Gillian says:

    I’d take advert as a compliment..becoming a dancer and being able to create art by dedication physically or sing in colours means you can use your brain in many ways. The critics are stuck with their limited critical view I would imagine? I pity them really! Explore enjoy and share your talent!

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