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Hi there,

This is a Blog about a Vlog. I haven’t written a Blog article in quite a while because I’ve become very fond of Vlogging instead. I think that’s because I love talking even more than I love writing! I do have to say, as much as I enjoy doing a Vlog, I don’t like saying the word ‘Vlog’ – ‘V’ and ‘L’ were just not designed to be pressed up against each other! So I tend to call mine ‘Video Diaries’.

My video diaries are called the ‘Circle of Light’ which is definitely not meant to give you the impression that I am an angel with a halo around my head! But when I’m standing on stage, I often find myself standing in a literal circle of light and these video diaries deal with the life of a singer. Every week I have a chat to the camera, sometimes live on Facebook, about an element of my musical world – ups and downs and in betweens. I reckon my life is pretty weird a lot of the time so I hope that in itself is enough to keep it interesting! My ‘circle’ is filled with inspiring and interesting people, so I try to grab one of these musical folks for a ‘Stage Stories’ conversation too.

Circle of Light Vlog
Click HERE to watch the Vlog

I watch a few Vlogs and read a few Blogs myself but I’ve found myself lately listening to more Podcasts than anything else. Being the nerd that I am, it tends to be music-related programmes for me. I particularly like, ‘And the writer is…’ about songwriters and ‘Creative Juice’ about indie music marketing and business. I’m about to dive into ‘Serial’ for something completely different. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Because of my new found love of Podcasts, I want to make one too! I think the interviews I do with other musos and singers could make a good one. These people are all very successful in their fields, have great back stories and many have worked with legendary Australian bands.

I’ll keep mulling over the podcast possibility but in the meantime, if you’d like to tune into the Video Diaries, you can check them out HERE. Please subscribe so you can find out when the new videos are up!

And please let me know if you have a favourite podcast I might like?

All the best,



  • Bert says:

    Hello lovely Amanda,
    I have nothing to do with vlogs and blogs.
    It is usually a nuisance in the room.

    My advice, keep busy with making music, you are a winner. And keep publising those beautiful photos of yourself. You are a very beautiful woman and you can show that, just like you did so far.

    A hug from me to you.

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