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Hi there, Well it’s day 8 in my self-imposed isolation (our government is being too slow to impose it IMHO so I’m locking down voluntarily). I’m doing my best to focus on happy things – I hope you can too. Please watch my latest Vlog for a short chat about the postive things that can […]

What a difference a week makes

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Hi there, I hope you’re doing OK in this topsy turvy world! There won’t be one among us whose life hasn’t changed dramatically in the last little while. From looking forward to a year full of exciting live shows and a new album, I have gone to looking at an empty calendar and, well, no […]

Do you like to watch?

Circle of Light Vlog


OR listen? OR Read? Hi there, This is a Blog about a Vlog. I haven’t written a Blog article in quite a while because I’ve become very fond of Vlogging instead. I think that’s because I love talking even more than I love writing! I do have to say, as much as I enjoy doing […]