Are you going gaga yet?

Amanda & Simon


Hi there, I hope you’re doing well. It has been 55 days in isolation for me now and I have to admit to a few days when I have felt a little…crazy. But I think that’s to be expected. It is music that keeps me sane (at the best of times, now even more so) […]

Gaga Vs Me

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Hi there, I hope you’re doing well. Like most of us at the moment, I have a lot of plans that are up in the air. What will my life and career look like in 6 months? I’m staying creative and even developing new shows in this ‘downtime’, in the hope of course that I’ll […]

Dave Stewart, Sheena Easton and me…and saying goodbye to Comfort Zones

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Hi there, I hope you are doing OK! In a time of great trauma, one positive can be that the things that usually bother you become insignificant! I mean when a Zombie Apocalypse is happening you tend to spend less time worrying about your hair or what other people will think of you! Glass half […]

The Meaning of Life is…

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Hi there, I hope you are doing as well as is possible at the moment. I have been in complete lockdown with my family now for one month. Extra time for thinking for sure, with lots of impetus to be pondering the bigger questions. I think much of the world is largely motivated by money. […]

Singing with Myself

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Hi there, Happy Easter! Hope it is not too much of a strange one for you. It’s been almost a month since I last worked! I am definitely missing singing with my fellow musos…Of course, there is nothing stopping me singing per se, so I decided to just have a sing with myself. I’ve always […]

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