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Hi there,

Well it’s day 8 in my self-imposed isolation (our government is being too slow to impose it IMHO so I’m locking down voluntarily). I’m doing my best to focus on happy things – I hope you can too.

Please watch my latest Vlog for a short chat about the postive things that can come out of a crisis, which include more time for creativity for me.

I used a lot of that time to edit this brand new music video (below) – for ‘Letter to a Small Boy’. That song, from my album ‘Polaroids & Postcards’, is quite different from my usual electronic style. Something about the subject matter (a letter to my young son) made me go more stripped back and organic. I even produced it myself since I was going for ‘raw’ and that’s a good description of my basic production ‘skills’, ha!

So here is the Vlog and the new music video is at 13.45s.

We’re all in this together, so please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you feel like a chat or even a vent!

All the best,


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