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Hi there,

I hope you are doing OK in this crazy world. I wish you all the best wherever you are.

I have just officially ended 3 months of isolation with a big ole weekend of gigs! Even though I’ve done plenty of singing and performing from home over this period, it’s really not the same as doing it for real.

Friday night was a big fancy livestream concert (from DFP Studios in Sydney) with ‘The First Ladies of Soul’. We three ladies up front of the band are all very experienced singers but we all struggled with the singing part of the performance – our voices just weren’t match fit. No matter how much singing we’d continued to do from home, there’s a different technique in play when you’re fronting a live band and we all felt a bit rusty! But it was definitely a thrill and we soon eased in. You can watch the replay of the concert below.

Saturday night saw me with my ‘Sing Little Sister’ duo partner Jo Elms (also one of the First Ladies) at Dom’s Cocktail Bar, with 3000 of our friends. Yes, not a typo! Our gig coincided with the easing of venue restrictions, allowing up to 3000 people to attend bigger venues, and Dom’s is part of the sprawling Penrith Panthers complex.

I know the world is far from ‘back to normal’ and that includes our corner of Australia, but if you were at Dom’s on Saturday, you, like me, would probably have been asking, ‘what pandemic?’ I’m crossing my fingers that question will remain rhetorical.

As I keep enjoying my tentative foray back into the real world, whatever situation you find yourself in, I hope you can find some enjoyment and of course stay safe.

Here is the First Ladies of Soul Livestream replay:

All the best,


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