Amanda Easton and red velvet curtains

The story so far…

I’m a pop artist based in Sydney, Australia. I describe my music as theatrical electronica pop – or old fashioned melodies with post-modern beats. I’ve released two albums and three EPs (and a bunch of singles) so far …  I’ve been lucky enough to get a couple of Top 10 spots in the Australian independent music charts as well as airplay for my music and videos and I’ve toured my music in Western Europe and Japan as well as throughout my own wide brown land.

With my latest mini-album, ‘Polaroids & Postcards’ I was inspired by a box of love letters and other memories from my high school years, so it’s quite a moody, theatrical, nostalgic set of songs.

I used to write songs with lots of other people and that was great fun, but I decided to go out on a limb and see what my music would be like if it was just me writing (or as my Mum says: ‘making up the songs all by yourself’) so these are all my songs on this album. They’re mostly about love, lost and found (and sometimes lust). I’m actually a really happy person but I tend to write melancholy tunes. Maybe that’s why I’m happy – I get all the sadness out in the songs! I’ve always loved music that’s made me cry but lifts me up at the same time.

This is what Huffington Post said about me recently – thank you Huff: “Easton’s voice is delightful: dulcet, crisp and entrancing…Her voice is unique because she doesn’t really sound like anyone I can think of…Easton’s voice is beguiling.” June 2017

When I’m not writing, recording and performing my own music I love getting involved in as many different kinds of musical projects as possible – including producing and performing in shows, session singing and songwriting for other artists. I’ve also performed as a backing vocalist for some of Australia’s musical legends including Powderfinger, Wendy Matthews and Richard Clapton. Music is my passion and my full time job.

I’ve performed in many of Australia’s smallest and biggest venues including two sell out shows at Sydney Opera House so far – I’m looking forward to the adventures that this crazy world of music will throw at me next!

I wasn’t always a professional singer and artist. I once had a ‘real’ job, doing PR for a little company called Microsoft after finishing a Communications degree at uni. That feels like a lifetime ago and while this musical road might be the bumpier one, taking it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Here’s what some people said about an earlier album (Chanteuse):“Here is a singer who sounds strong, confident, sassy, sexy and in control of everything. She takes you into that smoky club, complete with red velvet seats; she’s up on that stage and you’re hanging onto every word she sings.”Malcolm Carter, Pennyblack Music, Sweden.

“I highly recommend you buy this CD if you’re searching for some passion and goosebumps in your music. Loungey, electronic, Latinesque in spots, double bassy and sampled paradise – oh, and of course you’ve got Amanda’s voice as the silk ribbon holding the whole gorgeous & mysterious package together.”- Sirens of Sydney/Glamaphonic